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 Welcome, read this First!

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Welcome, read this First! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome, read this First!   Welcome, read this First! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2007 6:55 am

Welcome to Liability’s forums, as every other community we have rules and before we accept your application you will need to read trough our rules.

1) That you are willingly to improve your gear with enchants, and do heroics runs for better gear.
2) That you know your class and how to play it.
3) You are ready to sacrifice (Wipe) for the community as “we learn how it goes” in dungeons, as in no wining over to many wipes. We all share our own repair bill.
4) That you are positive in all the possible ways, there are ups and downs everywhere.
5) Respect the person behind the screen; we do not want anyone in our community to feel bad or get hurt.

1) Registration;
Upon registering you accept terms that are general. What you must remember while registering is that your username must equal the nick you use in game. You must also make certain that the e-mail address you are using is active.
2) Posting :
While posting, remember that people of all nationalities, ages and religions may be reading what you write. As such any profanities, racism, sexism and so on, will NOT be tolerated. Posts containing this will be deleted instantly and the posters will receive a temporary ban. Flaming will also be edited away.

Users that violate these rules will be issued a warning, and if they ignore the warning they will get a temporary ban.
3) When signing up to a raid/group and later on knowing you can’t come, edit your post or tell someone in the community.

1) You have to know good English.
2) To respect Wow’s Role-playing rules you have to behave in the raids and groups, no leet speak (Such as 3x4MpL3 0F l337 5P33k) or bad English (Such as “u” instead of “you”)
3) We do not like whining!

1) Behave and listen to the raid leader (s), repeating tactics takes time and we rather use that time to get deeper into the dungeons.
2) Be sure that you have refilled your reagents/pots and repaired before coming to a raid, yet again time is valuable.
3) If you are unsure about what to do, whisper the raid leader.
4) If you need to take a break or go AFK inform the raid leader via whisper.
5) Under loots, please be quiet: if you need to talk do it over /say or /whisper to that person.
6) Raid-chat should be mostly clear, if you have to congratulate your mate for an item say it in /say /yell or /whisper, It’s alright but no over spamming!
7) Some of us still role-plays in raids so watch it what you are doing or saying in /emote (/me) /say /yell
8 ) Last but not least; -remember- to have fun! If you have problem with something or someone take it up later on with the raid leader of the night.

You made it? Good! Now to apply click this > Link

Welcome aboard
Crew of Liability
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Welcome, read this First!
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