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 How to apply.

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How to apply. Empty
PostSubject: How to apply.   How to apply. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2007 3:52 pm

Right here's how to apply to us!

Name Class as title then answer these questions below and an officer will look over it:

Time zone:
Occupation (School, Work, unemployed):

Why do you want to join Liability:
How much could you attend:
How experienced are you in raiding:

Where (How) did you find out about Liability:

Do you have Team speak installed (TS download):

Are you willing to devote time outside of raiding to improve your gear and gather consumables?

CT-Raid assist and Deadly Boss Mods (La Vendetta) installed (CT Raid Assist Download, Deadly Boss Mods):

Attunements, Keys (include heroics):

We will not recruit anyone that hasn't reached lvl 70 and isn't attuned to Karazhan. Feel free to apply and we'll consider the application though, provided there's a reasonable timeframe for when you will be ready to raid.

At the moment our raid times should look like the following.
Tuesday 2000-2330
Thursday 2000-2330
Sunday 1400-1800

Any applicants should be able to raid at these days most of the time.

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How to apply.
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